Random Passwords

Here are ten random passwords which have scattered upper case letters, digits and punctuation in at least the first 7 positions. This kind of password is the hardest to crack. Pick one that you find is easy to type.


Your browser has been instructed to not save this file in its cache, but even so, manually clearing the cache would be prudent. First, stop viewing the password you're actually going to use; press the "see ten more" link. Now, depending on your browser:

Mozilla Firefox
Edit menu / Edit Preferences / Advanced tab / Cached Web Content / Clear Now (button). Click on it. (Click on Close to close the dialog.)
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Tools menu / Internet Options / General / Temporary Internet Files / Delete Files (button). In the dialog box, click on Delete All Offline Content, then OK. To get out of the options dialog, press OK.
Edit menu / Preferences / Advanced (click the triangle so it points down) / Cache / Clear Disk Cache (button). To get out, press OK.
File menu / Preferences / Network / History and cache / Empty Now (button). To get out, press OK.