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GRR Database Search Instructions

Searching the Reading Room database is very simple, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Even though the Reading Room has holdings of books in foreign languages, at the present time the search capabilities in the database are limited to English. This issue is being addressed by the database vendor and will be fixed soon.

In the meantime, it is critical that when you search for a book in a foreign language you know where every diacritic (i.e. accent, tilde and cedilla) goes and insert it in the search box so that you get a result. We have devised a solution using the wild card “*”.

1. Here are some examples:

Title: Séminaire Bourbaki In the database will be searched like: s* bourbaki

Title: Einführung in die Gruppentheorie In the database will be searched like: einf* (no need to add the rest of the title)

Another solution would be to search with words that do not have any diacritics.

2. Other searching examples:

Author (always last name first): lang, serge (do not forget the comma after the last name) or lang, s*

Subject: differential equations numerical analysis ergodic theory

Call Number: QA 241 N543s 1967 or QA 241*

Location Guide

Logic Center – Richard Montague Room, MS 7332

Book Room – Inquire at Student Services, MS 6356.

Stacks – Reading Room shelves in MS 5379

Reserve – Inquire at Reading Room office MS 5379A for access.

Dissertation Cabinet – Inquire at Reading Room office MS 5379A for access.


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